Deion Sanders Ends Marriage, Thanks God

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Deion Sanders is free, single... and very, very thankful.

The extraordinarily contentious marriage between this NFL Hall of Famer and his estranged wife Pilar came to an end on Friday, with Sanders Tweeting in response to the official divorce:

"Thank God Thank God! This 2 year Drama filled divorce is over. Prenup stood, Custody of All kids,pay yo own fees! God is Faithful! Truth."

Neon Deion

Just how ugly did things become between Sanders and his now-ex?

In April, Deion posted a photo online of his children filling out a police report against their mother, an action that followed Pilar filing a $200 million lawsuit against Sanders because his "emotional weapons" allegedly turned her into a gold-digger.

Really. She wrote that in the legal papers.

Sanders filed for divorce 18 months ago, but even after all this time and after Friday's Texas court approval, Pilar's rep says his client isn't finished.

She has filed a number of claims against the NFL Network analyst, ranging from fraud to mental/physical abuse.

"Men listen closely!" Deion also wrote over the weekend. "Don't choose a woman with your flesh choose her with your spirit and heart. Yo flesh will lie until you flesh die. Truth."