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Charlie Sheen is serious about paying Brooke Mueller zero child support if at all possible, and is evoking the name of a longtime co-star to boost his case.

The actor filed legal documents requesting the massive change in child support – $55,000 to $0 – because Brooke doesn’t even have custody of their boys.

While she’s in and out of rehab, Bob and Max are living with Sheen’s other ex-wife, Denise Richards, who’s already getting support from him.

Sheen and Richards
(Getty Images)

In court papers, Charlie references Jon Cryer’s divorce, in which his ex-wife was arrested in ’09 for alleged child abuse and temporarily lost custody.


Charlie claims Cryer requested his support payments be reduced from $10,000 per month to zero, and the court granted that request, setting a precedent.

Sheen also reveals that he earns more than $740,000 a month (before taxes), more than enough to cover $90,000 a month in expenses on all his homes.

Also, Charlie says he foots the bill for ALL the kids’ expenses – therapy, medical, schooling, and more – on top of that $55,000, and will continue to do so.

His point? I take care of the kids anyway, and Brooke Mueller clearly isn’t using that $55,000 a month to do so, as she doesn’t care for them anyway.

A judge has yet to rule.