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The parents of Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty of murder, held a yard sale to divest themselves of some of the late Caylee Anthony’s belongings.

Rascal Flatts - She's Going Places (A Tribute to Caylee Anthony)

"When I pulled up, they were taking tarps off the items that were covered due to the rain," eyewitness Christina Werner said of the yard sale.

"I immediately noticed the two white canopies over the yard sale tables because they looked like the tents used in the search for Caylee Anthony."

The toddler was just two years old when she tragically died in 2008.

Werner said that she seemed to be the only customer who realized who the Mount Dora, Fla., home belonged to, or the significance of the items.


Caylee Anthony’s remains were infamously found in a trash bag in a wooded area not far from the family’s home, months after she first went missing.

The child’s death was ruled a homicide by undetermined means.

After a televised, controversial trial that received an incredible amount of publicity, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder in July 2011.

She was found guilty of four counts of providing false information to law enforcement and was released from jail days later with credit for time served.

Werner told celebrity gossip site Radar that she bought toy heart lockets, a kid-size luggage set, a Winnie-the-Pooh backpack, a Tigger bag and several teddy bears.

She also found what appeared to be pants and purses that had belonged to Casey and she said that she bought a number of the purses at a discount.

This, apparently, was a point of contention.

"When it came time to buy the items, [George] did not tell [his wife] he had discounted the purses and she was so upset about that," Werner said.

"She began yelling at him and said he should have told her. I think the difference may have been a whole 10 dollars, but she was upset over it."

Whether it has anything to do with the yard sale or not, Casey filed for bankruptcy protection in January and is being sued for defamation by two different people.

Casey has largely remained out of the public eye, minus her appearance in several homemade video diaries that she made shortly after her acquittal.