Amanda Bynes: Dumped By Weed Dealer For Jacking Supply

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Amanda Bynes has reportedly been dumped ... by her marijuana dealer.

The reason she was ostracized: Bynes' alleged hijacking of his supply.

Amanda Bynes' New Look

According to an insider, Amanda Bynes' weed dealer was making a delivery to her NYC residence when the theft occurred - right under his nose.

Says a source close to the marijuana heist situation:

“Amanda’s dealer used her bathroom while he was there and she jacked his weed. He didn’t realize at first because he’s a delivery weed service."

But, the insider dishes, "when he went in his bag later he saw that his stash was missing. She even replaced it with empty weed jars!"

Now Amanda's cut off - and may want to watch out.

“He won’t go to her anymore,” the source said. “She could end up really getting screwed by these guys. They’re good dudes, but you don’t steal from drug dealers!”

Sure you do ... if you're stoned out of your mind and racking up a $2,300 room service bill because your love of the herb and munchies is just that potent.

Bynes, incidentally, was booted out of her hotel last week for smoking weed in the room and being a general terror to the "ugly" staff at the Ritz-Carlton.

Thug lyfe.

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