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Happy Free Slurpee Day, THGers!

In what has become an annual, tasty tradition, 7-Elevens around the nation are giving out free Slurpees in honor of the date: 7/11.

But this year there’s been a change… for the bigger and better!

In the past, the chain has given out free Slurpees in 7.11-ounce cups. However, 7-Eleven will now be going with regular small size cups, which contain a full 12 ounces of sweet, carbonated goodness.


“Moms asked us for cups with lids,” Laura Gordon, vice president of marketing and brand innovation for 7-Eleven, told USA Today of the change. “That means less mess in the car.”

7-Eleven expects to hand out approximately 7 million free Slurpees today, an increase of over two million from this promotion in 2011.

And in an interesting, capitalistic twist, Slurpee sales actually go up 40% on Free Slurpee Day, as many consumers find that a small taste simply whets their appetite for more.

So get out there and enjoy, people. You can make up for the sugary treat by whipping up some healthy recipes tonight at dinner.