Zachary Maxwell, 11, Exposes School Lunches In Hidden Camera Documentary

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Make way, Michael Moore! Move over, Morgan Spurlock! There's a new documentary film-maker on the block and he's half your size!

Zachary Maxwell, 11, spent six months secretly filming the lunches being served at PS 130 in New York City.

The food he was served may not have gotten many raves, but his covert expose' "Yuck: A 4th Grader's Documentary About School Lunches" sure has critics buzzing.

Maxwell, at the encouragement and aid of his parents, used a hidden camera to record dozens of lunches served to himself and his classmates at his public school in New York's Little Italy.

While the menu descriptions read like those of gourmet restaurants, the reality on their trays left little to be desired.

The New York City Department of Education responded to the film stating that they believe they serve healthy recipes and "delicious school meals that are low in fat, sodium and calories" and that they have "​more than 1,000 salad bars in our schools to provide more healthful options to students."

Just not in PS 130, we guess?

It's an important topic in any case. The American Medical Association recently classified obesity as a disease, one which 17 percent of all U.S. kids suffer from.

Maxwell's 19-minute film, edited by himself and his father, has been shown at several film festivals already and will be screened at the Manhattan Film Festival on June 21.

The 5th grader is quite proud of his accomplishments and is already working on his next project: A video yearbook of his class that each student will have as they all head off into the wild blue yonder of middle school.

The budding filmmaker already has plans for that awkward period of his life, too. A film about "adolescence, puberty, and what middle school girls think about guys with braces."

So, The Real World meets Wonder Years, then.

Best of lunch luck to you, Zachary!

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