Taco Bell Employee Fired for Viral Licking Incident

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Let this be a lesson to all fast food employees:

Do not lick your chain's most popular product, release the photo online and expect to keep your job.

A few days after a young man was snapped taking his tongue to a pile of taco shells, the chain has let the worker go, explaining exactly what happened in a statement.

Taco shell lick

The photo was for an "internal contest in which company and franchise employees could submit for approval photos of themselves enjoying their first bite of" a new product," reads the statement.

As you might expect, this picture "violated the rules and spirit of the contest" and was rejected, with the employee violating the company's policy by releasing it over social media and therefore getting canned.

Taco Bell then reiterated that the shells were NOT actually given to customers. They were handed out to franchisees "for training purposes."

Looks like this guy was training for something other than food delivery, however. If you know what we mean!