Robert Downey, Jr. to Play Iron Man Again!

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Robert Downey, Jr. gave us a real scare there for a little while, talkin' bout "I want to stop playing super heroes."

Well, it seems that Disney and Marvel Studios convinced him otherwise. I wonder how they did it!? (he asks, holding up a sack of money)

Sorry, the cynical side of me always pops out at times like this. But we should all actually be excited that Downey will play Iron Man in The Avengers 2 and 3 as per a new two-picture deal, because he is definitely the heart of that franchise.

Lookin Blue

Still, the news seems to suggest that Downey is done with Iron Man movies, which means that Disney will have to deal with his departure relatively soon.

They could recast the character, reboot the series, or just kill Stark off. Our guess is that however they decide Downey should part the role, they will address it in Iron Man 3.

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