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Testifying in the George Zimmerman trial, prosecution witness and Trayvon Martin friend Rachel Jeantel, 19, says she was on the phone with him before he was shot.

She explained that Martin told her some “creepy ass cracker” was following him as he walked back to his dad’s house from a store in Sanford, Fla.

According to Rachel Jeantel’s bizarre testimony, Martin was worried that George Zimmerman was a rapist, and said to “stop playing with him like that.”

He also told Jeantel that the “n—– is now following him.”

Neighborhood watchman Zimmerman is charged with murdering the unarmed teen. He says he was viciously attacked by Martin and it was self-defense.

Jeantel, who allegedly perjured herself months ago by stating that she missed Martin’s funeral because she was in the hospital, made for quite a scene.

Frequently mumbling her testimony, leading to delays in court as people tried to figure out exactly what she was saying, she became the star of the trial.

Not necessarily in a good way. Take a look at these clips:


Rachael Jeantel