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Paris Jackson is stable following her recent suicide attempt, and her condition is improving, but she’s still dealing with some pretty heavy issues emotionally.

Chief among them? She never properly grieved or emotionally processed Michael Jackson’s 2009 death, sources connected with the Jackson family say.

Currently in treatment at UCLA Medical Center, Paris has felt the impact of bullying on social media and websites, and has let it “really get to her.”

She does not have access to her phone or the Internet, so the problem is on the back burner for now, however it’s only a matter of time until it returns.


Paris, one source says, is a “rebel” who almost got expelled from her private school after punching a student who “talked smack about her father.”

Her mother and potential new legal guardian Debbie Rowe is said to have expressed deep concern about some friends Paris has been hanging with.

Rowe believes some of Paris’ peers are bad influences, and while it’s not specifically clear why, the 15-year-old is clearly having an identity crisis.

Moreover, doctors feel Paris has not really gone through the grieving process over her dad’s death, and turmoil has built up internally for four years.

When Paris gets out of UCLA, she and Debbie Rowe are going away together for 6-8 weeks so she can get better – far from the pressures of L.A.

We’re not psychologists, but that sounds like that can only help.

Should mom Debbie be Paris’ full-time guardian?