Octomom Bank Records to Be Seized in Welfare Fraud Probe

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Nadya Suleman is in deep this time ... and we're not talking about the Octomom porn.

Welfare fraud investigators are on the cusp of seizing bank records and documents that may prove the mom of 14 has been stealing taxpayer money.

Intentionally or not, such an act could land her in prison.

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Officials obtained a warrant to seize Nadya's financial and employment records, believing that she earned far more than the welfare threshold in 2012.

Astonishingly, she is still entitled to welfare benefits if she earns under $119,000 a year (14 kids and all). More astonishingly ... she may have doubled that.

The porno was a big seller, while her topless strip club gigs and payday loan endorsement deal also earned her some nice checks. She did well in '12.

Too well, officials believe, to be getting public assistance.

The L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I) is zeroing in on the home and office of Nadya Suleman's manager.

There, they think they'll find evidence that Nads earned upwards of $200K and defrauded the state by collecting welfare money on top of her earnings.

Welfare fraud carries up to three years in prison, during which her kids would become wards of the state ... which some might argue would be a step up.


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