Erin Brockovich: Arrested For DUI! On a Boat!

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Legal advocate Erin Brockovich (now Erin Brockovich-Ellis) needs a lawyer of her own after being arrested while boating on Lake Mead near Las Vegas.

She was booked Friday night and posted $1,000 bail.

Erin Brockovich Photo

A game warden who saw Erin Brockovich-Ellis having trouble docking a boat on her own offered her assistance, and then noticed she had slurred speech.

"She was obviously struggling ... and if you've had any experience, it's a simple enough operation," said Edwin Lyngar of the Nevada Department of Widlife.

A field sobriety test showed Brockovich-Ellis was "significantly" over the .08 percent legal threshold for operating a boat, says Lyngar, and she was arrested.

We imagine her boat party went something like this ...

We're kidding. But still, that video is hilarious.

Brockovich rose to fame when, despite having no legal training, she helped construct a winning class action lawsuit against the Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Now 52, her unlikely crusade against the utility giant was depicted in 2000 in the movie Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts won an Emmy for the lead role.