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Nik Wallenda’s high-wire walk across the Grand Canyon would have been noteworthy no matter what, but the feat alone didn’t set Twitter ablaze.

While many aspects of the event, the coverage and Wallenda himself were Tweeted, his prominent profession of faith sparked the most discussion.

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As Wallenda inched across the cable suspended 1,500 feet in the air for 23 minutes, he continuously offered up public testament of his Christian beliefs.

This became especially prominent when the rising winds over the gorge began to sway the cable Wallenda stood on. At one point he said aloud:

"Golly, wind. Go away, in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for calming that cable, Lord. Oh, yeah. That’s my savior. That’s Jesus."


The stunt began with a prayer with Wallenda’s family and Christian televangelist Joel Osteen and featured Wallenda giving up praise multiple times.

Conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch loved the display of faith, writing, "Evangelism via entertainment on a tightrope and a major cable network. Brilliant."

Comedian and noted atheist Ricky Gervais saw it differently.

He said afterward, "Well done Jesus for getting that bloke across the Grand Canyon safely. I bet he feels silly for wasting so much time practicing now."

Neil Patrick Harris joked, "Proud of Nik Wallenda for his epic high wire walk. Less proud of agreeing to drink a shot every time he said ‘Jesus’. I can’t feel my face."

Breaking Bad and Under the Dome star Dean Norris may have summed it up best with his measured response to the Discovery Channel event.

"Regardless of religious belief or not, feel little happier bout life then had #wallenda kept saying thank you nihilists, life is meaningless," he said.

And comedian Doug Benson raised a legitimate question:

"Do you think Discovery Channel knew just how Jesus-y Wallenda was gonna get on that wire? #HelpMeToRelaxLord #GodYouAreSoGood."

What do you think of Nik’s professions of faith? A moving testament to a higher power? Or too over the top? Share your comments with us below