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Charles Saatchi has been slapped with a caution by British police.

As previously reported, the 70-year old husband of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was photographed with his hands around his wife’s neck last week, an incident witnessed by several patrons of a restaurant in Great Britain.

Saatchi later downplayed the encounter as a “playful tiff” and said he had made up with Lawson after their cantankerous night out.

But the art collector met with law enforcement officials yesterday and a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirms an investigation was carried out.


Saatchi “voluntarily attended a central London police station and accepted a caution for assault,” the spokesperson tells The Independent.

The caution doesn’t mean much at the moment; no fine, certainly no time behind bars.

But it will go on Saatchi’s record and can be used as evidence in court down the line if any other legal issue arises.

Lawson has chosen not to press charges, but insiders say she has left the home she shares with her husband and taken their children elsewhere.