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TLC has announced the new cast of Breaking Amish.

The series that chronicles the adventures of Amish and Mennonite men and women in the outside world will return return on July 21 and be set this year in Los Angeles instead of New York.

What will cast members encounter there? You’ll need to tune in and find out.

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But who will comprise this new cast? People broke the story and reported the following details this week:

Betsy: 21-year-old from Ohio. Adopted into an Amish household as a baby and recently got married… but has struggled to fully become a member of the community. She has tried to live outside of the faith before.

Devon: Has always had questions about the Amish lifestyle. 21-years old. From Indiana and wants to find clarity during his strint in Los Angeles.

Iva: 19-year-old woman from Pennsylvania is the child of divorce. She has left home before, only to return, and her father left the Amish world when she was young.

Lizzie: Also 21 years old and hiding some kind of secret.

Matt: Hails from Pennsylvania. 24 years old. Has seen two of his siblings already leave. Wants to be in the fashion world.