Marysol Patton Confirms Demotion on The Real Housewives of Miami

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On August 12, The Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 will premiere on Bravo.

Viewers of the reality series can expect a stream of cat fights, wedding planning, drama.. and a bit less of Marysol Patton.

Along with her entertaining mother, the star confirmed this week to Radar Online that she's been demoted to a recurring member of the program's cast.

“I’m not in the main title shot with the photos with the girls, but I film just as much as I did when I was a regular housewife,” Patton says. “So, I guess it will come down to the editing.”

Why did the network reduce Marysol screen time?

She thinks Bravo wanted to focus on fewer Housewives "so that there was more quality and the audience could get more involved with the ladies and their stories. It was too hard to do that when there was seven or eight of us."

Patton isn't bitter (even referring to the move as "smart"), but she isn't anxious to leave the show entirely either.

“I enjoy myself and I enjoy the friendships that were made and the ladies that I’ve met,” she said. “Today and where I am today, I could say maybe a few more years.”

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