Mark Sanchez: Naked, Dancing With Alana Kari in Viral Video!

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New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez may be only slightly better at throwing a football than Tim Tebow, but he's a lot better at making scandalous headlines.

We can thank his rigorous offseason training regimen for that.

An online video of Sanchez dancing naked (or at least bare-bottomed) with two scantily clad women in Napa Valley, Calif., has surfaced on Vine.

Mark Sanchez Shirtless
Alana Kari Photo

Alana Kari, the cleavage-baring babe featured in the clips, is the one who uploaded the partying videos to her Vine account before deleting them promptly.

Thank you, Alana.

The video, in which you can see Mark Sanchez shirtless and dropping trou amidst music, wine bottles and smoke, can be seen after the jump:

This is the most embarrassing story about Mark Sanchez and somebody's rear end since he crashed into Brandon Moore's and fumbled on Thanksgiving.

"I guess (I was) more stunned than anything," he said at the time.

Sort of sums up our feelings about this, only in a positive way.

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