Lulu App Lets Women Review, Rate Ex-Boyfriends

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An app called Lulu is emerging as a controversial new social platform that allows women to post reviews and recommendations about former flames.

The app, which is available for iOS and Android, is for women only.

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Men are denied access to Lulu, deeming it a "safe zone" for females to rate dudes on a various topics, from humor and careers to kissing and sex.

Yes ... just like reviewing / rating the Justin Bieber Girlfriend perfume on Amazon, you can review whether your guy smells like Bieber in real life.

If you're a female of at least 18 years, you can get the app and sync it to Facebook, then simply add a guy to the database and upload his picture(s).

Users are anonymous and activities are kept off Facebook, but one has the ability to share profiles and searchable hashtags with Facebook friends.

For instance, characteristics likes #globetrotter and #cleansupgood were listed on a profile, or #smokeslikeachimney for the other side of the coin.

The app asks you to identify your relationship with a guy in order to review him, then asks you a series of questions and tries to sum up your answers.

While it seems like this could become the newest, trendiest platform for hilarious guy-bashing, Lulu claims that a majority of its reviews are positive.

In fact, some women are even using the Lulu app to get the word out about their brothers or available male co-workers ... in a good way of course.

The goal, says CEO Alexandra Chong, is to provide intel on the guy who's #SweetToMom and #BelievesInLove yet may also be #RudeToWaiters and #CrazyJealous.

What do you think? Have you used the app? Does it sound like a good platform for evaluating dates as if they were consumer products? Discuss!

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