Kanye West Album Reviews: Why So Serious?

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Yeezus, it's about time!

Following months of hype, a seminal moment in the life of Kanye West has arrived. No, that is not a Kim Kardashian baby reference.

The rapper's new album is here! What are critics saying about the very dark and serious CD? Let's take a look...

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Yeezus is a medley of several genres—new wave, punk, rock and of course hip-hop. Those looking for vintage soul sounds or even full-on raps from start to finish will be thrown several curves here. It's an album with numerous emotional layers as well. - Billboard

Yeezus is the darkest, most extreme music Kanye has ever cooked up, an extravagantly abrasive album full of grinding electro, pummeling minimalist hip-hop, drone-y wooz and industrial gear-grind. - Rolling Stone

The record, which overtly addresses issues of race in three song titles - "New Slaves," "Black Skinhead" and "Blood on the Leaves" - is the hardest, most abrasive record, both musically and thematically, of [West's] career. - The Los Angeles Times

The terse length keeps its minimalist style from becoming dull. It's just long enough to satisfy, but still short enough to make you want to play it over again right after you finish. The lyrics won't win any prizes for hip-hop complexity. Compared with wordsmiths like Jay-Z, they seem rudimentary. But that's by design. - New York Daily News

Yeezus adds up to be Kanye's most lyrically focused album yet. [It] is exactly what he wanted it to be - something that no matter if you like it or not it cannot and will not be ignored. - AllHipHop.com

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