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Welcome to The Daily Show. I am John Oliver and let’s all just acknowledge for a moment that this is weird. This looks weird, it feels weird, it even sounds weird – and this is my actual voice.

So John Oliver joked last night to open his first evening as host of The Daily Show, as he takes over for the summer while Jon Stewart directs a movie in the Middle East.

Was it weird? Sure. But was it funny? Oh yes, especially when the Brit focused on all things British.

Case in point:


When a Tea Party member alleged that the Barack Obama administration was more tyrannical than the English government of 1773, Oliver went off:

“That’s quite insulting to a British person,” he said. “I mean, we were tyrannical beyond this government’s wildest dreams!”

Oliver had said in earlier interviews that the Q&As with guests would likely be his most challenging aspect of hosting, and he did lob a few soft balls at Seth Rogen.

But overall? Considering the high bar Stewart has set? It was hard not to be pleased by Oliver’s opening performance.