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James Case, who went on a memorable date with Desiree Hartsock this week on The Bachelorette, says there’s more to the show than love.

A lot more. Major Bachelorette spoilers right here, people!

While he’s a fan of Des, and is/was totally interested, he says that anyone who tells you they’re just going on the show for love is not telling the truth.

Michelle Young, Pre-Rose Ceremony

“The whole experience, if somebody tells you it’s just for love, they have to be crazy,” he says. “I got to travel the world, I got to do a lot of things.”

So was he there … wait for it … for the right reasons?


“I got to do things people aren’t able to do and I took advantage of that. It was amazing. I’m living in a new city. It’s hard to find a woman to date here.”

“It’s been difficult for me with work. I just felt like it was a great opportunity. There’s multiple reasons why I chose to go on the show,” says Case.

If James doesn’t win out in his quest for love/adventure/whatever this summer, he thinks he knows who the right man for Desiree Hartsock will be.

“I think [Desiree is] a smart girl and I think she’s going to pick the person that fits her,” Case says. “If I had to pick, I think it might be Brooks.”

As for the drama involving him that looks like unfolds on this coming week’s episode, Dave says you’ll have to sit tight in that department.

“I’m not too sure how I can answer that. I just hope people judge me on the merits and who I am and what they’ve seen thus far,” he told the media.

“Things can be said, things can be done and you just have to roll with the punches. I signed up for this, you just gotta roll with it,” adds Case.

“Stay tuned, right?”