Eminem on Past Drug Use: I Nearly Died

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In a new documentary titled "How to Make Money Selling Drugs," Eminem opens up about his history of drug abuse, detailing just how low he fell when his substance abuse issues were at their worst.

"My bottom was going to be death," he states in the following excerpt.

The rapper popped 10 to 20 Vicodin pills per day at one point and explained that his first experience with the drug was enlightening.

"[I] didn't feel any pain. It just kind of numbed things."

Eminem says he would lash out at anyone who claimed he had a problem ("I literally thought I could control it."), but one overdose put things in perspective.

"Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would have died," he said of the incident. "My organs were shutting down. My liver, kidneys, everything. They were gonna have to put me on dialysis, they didn’t think I was gonna make it."

The artist says he relapsed about a month after this frightening ordeal.

"I remember just walking around my house and thinking every single day, like, I'm gonna fucking die. I'm looking at my kids, and like, I need to be here for this."

So he eventually sobered up, acknowledging that it's been a "learning process" and offered words of advice to anyone in a similar situation:

"I would say to anybody, 'It does get better, you know. It just does.'"

The documentary opens on June 29 and also features interviews with Russell Simmons and Woody Harrelson.


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