Electric Road That Charges Cars: Tested By Volvo

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As demand for electric cars rises, Volvo and Swedish power company Alstom are teaming up to create a road that charges vehicles as they drive over it.

Volvo Road

One of the biggest complaints around electric cars is that their batteries just aren't good enough for going on long trips, limiting their use to urban areas.

Some innovators have suggested solutions like extra batteries you could keep in the car, or an optional detachable motor that propels the car from behind.

Volvo and Alstom are thinking way bigger than those quick fixes.

In their attempt to develop a surface that charges vehicles merely by existing underneath them, they build a quarter-mile long track at a Swedish test facility.

It's not clear how this would scientifically happen, but the goal, obviously, is to keep electricity supplies constant, rendering battery concerns irrelevant.

The project is in its very early stages, but cool idea, no?

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