Downton Abbey Wine, Breaking Bad Beer: Coming Soon!

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Attention, fans of Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad:

You will not need to watch new seasons of these dramas empty-handed. Or empty-livered for that matter.

Fox News reports that Wines That Rock - a company that also produces Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones beverages - will soon release a vintage wine in honor of the aforementioned British sensation.

It will be available in time for Downton Abbey season 4 in the U.S., which premieres January 5 on PBS.

Breaking Abbey

"We are working with The Dulong Grands Vins De Bordeaux vineyards, which have been in the same family for five generations," Bill Zysblat, co-owner of Wines That Rock, said in a statement. "They have over 130 years of experience in creating the world's best wines so these are wines the Crawley family would have been proud to serve at Downton."

The wines will be sold in single bottles and also packaged as gift sets.

Meanwhile, Albuquerque-based Marble Brewery has created an India Black Ale dubbed “Heisenberg’s Dark."

That's a reference, of course, to the character Bryan Cranston plays on Breaking Bad. Like the evil man himself, we can only assume this alcoholic drink does not go down easily.

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