Bob Saget Photobombs Full House House, Does Not Understand What Photobomb Means

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Bob Saget visited the famous Full House residence last week, and couldn't help documenting the evidence and sharing it with his loyal fans on Twitter.

"I photobombed the Full House house Friday. I took like 20 pictures because I thought I didn't look good in any of these," he told celeb news mag Us.

"You can't see the house! You gotta really show that that's the house!"

Bob Saget, Full House

Definitely a fun throwback pic from San Fran. that fans will appreciate.

The former Danny Tanner - now an adult-humored comedian and How I Met Your Mother narrator - may want to check the definition of photobomb, however.

This is just posing for a picture. Nothing is being bombed. That would require you crashing a photo, intentionally or otherwise, of another person or thing.

See Jennifer Lawrence photobomb, Bob. You're welcome man.

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