Sesame Street Goes to Jail: Big Bird in the Big House

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Civil disobedience. HIV. Smoking. Poor diet. Incarceration. What do those things have in common? 

Sesame Street

The latest special episode set on everyone's favorite street, Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration, will focus on children who have parents who are in prison.

Since an estimated 1 in 28 children have a parent in the pokey, the topic is timely.

"What's 'carcerated'," Zoe asks. "And why was your dad in it?" 

The latest Sesame Street special episode features a muppet named Alex and is intended to help children who find themselves in situations where a parent is in prison navigate that life.

If Evil Elmo is Elmo's dad, then Elmo should totally watch this.

With new characters, musical numbers, special storybooks, and even its own app, Incarceration hopes to help ease the fears and frustrations real children feel when a parent is behind bars. Having tackled such topics as divorce and deployment, both of which mark changes to the family unit, Incarceration is an extension of what Sesame Street has already done.

As an online-only kit, Incarceration clips won't air during normal programming, and Alex won't become a regular on Sesame Street.

But since Oscar's been in the can for 44 years now, Alex joining the show could totally work. 

The Jim Henson-created series, which has been on the air since 1969, has rarely shied away from controversy. Its audience was and has always been children and its purpose to talk to children about big issues in ways they can understand.

So what do you think of Sesame Street's latest special, THGers?

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