Amanda Bynes: Evicted from NYC Apartment?

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Amanda Bynes may need to get off Twitter and get on to Craig's List.

The actress has reportedly been kicked out of hew New York City apartment.

It was from that apartment, of course, where Bynes allegedly tossed a bong out of a window on the night of May 23, earning herself a ride to the police station and an arrest for disorderly conduct.

Amanda Bynes in Handcuffs

And while the star isn't likely to serve any jail time from the incident, she's been "notified that she is no longer welcome as a tenant in the building in light of recent events," according to an In Touch Weekly source.

Movers apparently came by last night and removed all of Amanda's belongings, the mole adds, saying the is "officially gone from the building."

We thought we heard some folks celebrating in New York last night.

Bynes has denied any kind of drug use, Tweeting all about her alcohol and marijuana allergies - but someone close to the NYPD says there's been plans to give this star the boot long before her new legal trouble.

“Even before her arrest, residents had constant complaints about the smell of marijuana coming from her apartment,” the source says. “She had also cursed out residents and the doormen, and the smell of pot from her apartment was really annoying people.”

In kind of related news, Bynes just got a nose job.


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