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2 Chainz posted a video on Vine of what looks to be a major sizzurp session with his peeps the day before he got popped for drug possession at LAX.

In the Vine footage posted by 2 Chainz June 10, the rapper is seen chilling next to a table filled with sizzurp ingredients – cough syrup, Sprite and cups.

Chainz posted a similar clip the day before, in which he’s smoking weed.

Kimye and 2 Chainz

He was arrested at LAX Tuesday, June 11 for possession of narcotics after TSA agents claim they discovered sizzurp ingredients and pot in his luggage.

2 Chainz does not drink in the clips, for what that’s worth … which is not a lot. Vine has a six-second limit! Pretty safe bet that Chainz was sippin’ on it.

Busy week for the man. He was also robbed at gunpoint.