Rodman Rips Obama on North Korea: He Can't Do S--t!

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NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is going back to North Korea this summer, in part because President Barack Obama can't do jack about the situation.

At least as far as the eccentric ballplayer's worldview sees it.

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Rodman, who famously bonded with "friend for life" Kim Jong-Un earlier this year, says he will do all that he can to free U.S. citizen Kenneth Bae.

Bae was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for allegedly plotting to overthrow the North Korean government, a wrong The Worm hopes he can right.

"I'm gonna try and get the guy out," Rodman lamented. "It's gonna be difficult. We got a black president [who] can't even go talk to [Kim Jong-Un]."

"Obama can't do $h!t, I don't know why he won't go talk to him."

We can think of a few reasons, but he sure isn't buying them.

A short time later, Dennis Rodman added, "Obama? F**k him!"

Despite all that talk, Rodman tells TMZ, "I'm not a diplomat."

Definitely not, but if he somehow gets clearance to go back over there and frees Bae, Obama may want to consider getting this guy on the payroll.

At least as an adviser or special consultant or something.

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