Miranda Lambert: Drinking More to Cope With Blake Shelton Relationship?

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A new report suggests that country star Miranda Lambert has been drinking more to cope with the distance and stress of her relationship with Blake Shelton.

They're not necessarily any worse off because of it, though.

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert

Let us explain. The couple, already embattled in marital strife, is also swamped with commitments on both sides, making it even more challenging.

Their careers are on fire, which is a good thing, but they reportedly spent just four months together in their first year of marriage, which strained it.

“I don’t know how many total days we’ve spent together since we’ve gotten married but ... it’s not normal,” Blake said recently. “It’s not enough.”

Adding to the pressure, perhaps, are Miranda’s doubts about Blake’s wandering eye, amid reports of his "affair" with Cady Groves and racy Twitter chats.

“Since the scandal,” an insider said, “they’ve done a lot of work to their relationship. But she knows she can’t change Blake, being a flirt is in his DNA.”

One coping mechanism Miranda Lambert has taken of late? Often checking his phone. Another? Partying with pals to distract herself. A lot!

Another source said that while Blake “has always been a huge drinker, now, they both drink.” Which, we suppose, means the pregnancy rumors are bogus.

Despite all of the obstacles, no one is disputing the unbridled love and affection Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton still have for one another.

Hopefully, these two can work it out!

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