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The Lonely Island has taken to Between Two Ferns for the release of their music video for "Spring Break Anthem."

The video highlights how freakin’ awesome it is to go get hammered with your bros at Spring Break… and also how amazing it feels to be in a loving, lifelong relationship.

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Of course, TLI brings BTF into the mix by having the program’s host, Zach Galifianakis, interview James Franco, star of Spring Breakers.

But then we get to see some amazing iterations of what gay marriage would like like between the bunch, with Edward Norton even thrown into the mix.

I think they all make very handsome couples.


The Lonely Island’s message is clear… Spring Break 4Eva! Marriage Equality 4All!

Nice to see them getting a little political in their hilariously ironic pop culture parodies.

You can buy The Lonely Island’s new album, The Wack Album, beginning June 11.