Lindsay Lohan Bails on Rehab, Flies to L.A.

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly en route to Los Angeles via a private jet.

The star was expected to check into rehab in the Hamptons today.

Her lawyer and prosecutors agreed she would enter the Seafield Center rehab facility in Westhampton, N.Y., and begin her treatment this morning.

Looks like that's not happening, according to TMZ.

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The deal-breaker? Seafield won't allow LiLo to smoke, or take Adderall. Lohan she is said to be headed for Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, Calif., instead.

There's just one problem with that plan ...

Given that this is court-ordered rehab, prosecutors must approve any treatment she gets as part of her plea deal, and they did not sign off on Morningside. 

Moreover, no one from Lindsay Lohan's camp contacted either the L.A. City Attorney or the Santa Monica City Attorney regarding the change of plans.

By not entering Seafield as planned, Lindsay her plea deal, and her attorneys will be in court today to show proof that she has entered Seafield.

You can imagine there will be some pissed off people in that courtroom. The only question is HOW pissed. She could be jailed over this, legally.

Still, if her legal team can convince a judge that Morningside is a better fit for her, she may skate ... but the train wreck is on the thinnest of ice at this point.


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