Jets RB Arrested on Drug and Gun Charges

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Michael Goodson, a free agent running back brought in this offseason to compete for the Jets starting running back spot, was arrested early this morning for possession of pot and a loaded weapon.

But, hey, at least he took the focus off the team's ridiculous quarterback situation for a day!

Michael Goodson Pic

According to law enforcement officials, Goodson was sitting in the passenger's seat of a parked SUV in New Jersey when police approached the vehicle and noted that both the athlete and the unidentified driver appeared to be very drunk.

Cops then found Goodsoon to be holding under 50 grams of marijuana, along with a hollow-point bullet-loaded .45 caliber handgun.

Those types of bullets are especially dangerous and almost entirely illegal to carry in public.

Authorities transported both men to the hospital for alcohol treatment, charging the driver with DUI. Upon their release, Goodsoon and his friend were taken into custody by the New Jersey State Police.

Goodsoon previously played for the Raiders and Panthers.

And let's be honest: this never would have happened if Tim Tebow were still on the Jets.

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