Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis: Likely Leaving SNL

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Saturday Night Live will look very different in the fall.

With Bill Hader confirming his departure this week, it's now looking increasingly likely that Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis will be joining him on the sidelines.

Jason Sudeikis Photograph
Fred Armisen Pic

An insider at NBC tells The New York Post that Armisen is definitely on the way out while Sudeikis will “probably” jump as well.

(And who could blame the latter, really? When he can lie in bed all day and stare at Olivia Wilde nude?)

Seth Meyers, meanwhile, will depart in the spring to focus on his gig as host of Late Night, which will leave Kenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan as the show's most seasoned cast members.

Will you stick around to watch with some a young cast? Which of these departing funny men will you miss most if they all leave?

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