Farrah Abraham Video Praised By James Deen: She Did an Amazing Job!

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They feuded over the Farrah Abraham video and how the Teen Mom star planned to leak it, but James Deen has nothing but good things to say now.

In fact, Deen's upset about the backlash against the Backdoor Teen Mom since the story of how she planned the Farrah Abraham sex tape broke.

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Porn Star James Deen

“I think she did an amazing job," he said of his co-star, adding:

"I get kind of bummed about society and the fact that just because a chick decides she wants to do a porno, that she needs to be called mean names and stuff."

"I kind of feel like people should be nicer to her."

“If she wants to express her sexuality, whatever her motivations for making the adult film may be, I kind of feel like she shouldn’t be ostracized for such decisions.”

Express it she did, and 2 million people viewed her romp with Deen in the first 12 hours after it was released by Vivid, who paid nearly $1 million for the rights.

While her story about making the tape for personal use is highly questionable, James says you can't blame her for making it to provide for her daughter.

Nor can you criticize her for starring in porn just because she's a mom. And he maintains again that Sophia, 3, was nowhere near the set of the film.

“The child was not on set. Her kid was not involved in making any of the adult material,” he said. "I would happily testify that her daughter was not involved."

In the weeks since they filmed the porno, Farrah has slammed James, calling him a “prop in the background,” and slamming him for being “unprofessional."

She even claimed James Deen has a small package. But through it all, he says he has no hard feelings and wishes her all the best going forward.

“I think just because you have a healthy sexual appetite doesn’t necessarily make you a bad parent in any way, shape or form,” he said of Farrah.

Seems like a standup guy, no?

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