Chrissy Teigen on Kate Upton: SO BEAUTIFUL and Inspiring!

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If you follow Chrissy Teigen on Twitter or Instagram, you know that the 27-year-old model can be hilarious, unfiltered, sassy, and even controversial.

She's gotten into feuds with Team Breezy and fans of Farrah Abraham, the Teen Mom turned porn star who she recently called a whore on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen Sports Illustrated Picture
Kate Upton Booty

But she's quick to heap praise on people she feels are deserving of it as well. High atop that list? Her fellow Sports Illustrated stunner Kate Upton!

Asked about the June 2013 Kate Upton Vogue cover in a recent interview, Teigen gushed, "I am friends with her. She looks absolutely amazing."

"I texted her immediately as soon as I saw it and I said, 'Kate, I have never... not only Vogue ... but I’ve never seen a cover of anything this beautiful in my entire life.”

"I just got chills thinking about it. Kate is fantastic. She is is bringing the model back, but more than anything I think she’s bringing confidence back within people."

"I know that I shot the other day and the fact that I didn’t feel like I had to be anorexically skinny, that made me truly feel good. And Kate has done that for people."

High praise! Sounds like someone believes the 20-year-old Kate Upton is in fact the hottest supermodel on Earth, as Vogue recently proclaimed her.

Do you agree?

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