Bill Maher Slams Overreaction to Terrorist "Losers"

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Bill Maher closed out his most recent show with an appeal to those worked up about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and how the Boston bombing suspect should be dealt with.

Maher said the U.S. is overzealous when it comes to reacting to terrorist "losers," and declared that such miscreants shouldn't "scare us into overreacting."

He also sent a message directly to conservatives who seem to be suggesting that the U.S. justice system can't be trusted to handle Tsarnaev properly.

Maher dismissed talk of labeling him as an enemy combatant, and mocked Tsarnaev, who "could not foresee that the Boston Marathon would be photographed."

He likened labeling everyone who commits horrible acts an enemy combatant to calling everyone who makes porn a "porn star" (cough, Farrah Abraham).

He used the words of the Tsarnaevs' own uncle to declare war against "losers" and went off on all the "f**k-ups" that the nation has had to deal with.

His point? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a terrible human being who did terrible things and will be punished for what he did. But let's keep it in perspective here.

The who point of terrorism, Maher says, is to "scare us into overreacting," and the terrorists have already succeeded in blowing up our "balance sheet."

Do you agree?

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