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Quite a week for the lost and found.

First, a Utah man found a McDonald’s hamburger from 1999 in his coat pocket. Now a South Carolina woman whose wallet was stolen 23 years ago has gotten it back.

Wallet Found 23 Years Later

Jeri Cox Chastain was working at Doctors Memorial Hospital in Spartanburg, S.C., when her wallet was stolen along with her license and bank cards.

That was 1990. On Wednesday, a man working in the Business Technology Center called police after finding a wallet in the ceiling of a second floor bathroom.


An officer checked the wallet, and found a receipt from 1990 and the driver’s license with Chastain’s name, which at the time was Jeri Cox Maness.

Police located Chastain, who said she plans to go to city hall to pick the wallet up on Friday, and she couldn’t be happier for one reason in particular:

She will finally get back beloved pictures of her now-grown son.