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The mystery surrounding a video that appears to show a woman talking on a cell phone in 1938 may be solved, to the dismay of conspiracy theorists.

The black-and-white footage shows a group of young people, possibly factory workers, walking out of a building 75 years ago … and here’s the odd part:

One brunette in a light-colored dress smiles into the camera, hand pressed against her ear, holding what appears to be a large but mobile phone.

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The Daily Mail reports that the "Time Traveler video" surfaced online about a year ago and kicked off speculation about the woman caught on camera.

Recently, a YouTube commenter, Planetcheck claimed to know her …


According to Yahoo! News, Planetcheck professes to be the grandchild of the cell phone woman, Gertrude Jones, and she was not a time traveler.

"She was 17 years old," Planetcheck writes.

"I asked her about this and she remembers it quite clearly. She says Dupont [who owns the factory in the video] had a telephone communications section in the factory."

"They were experimenting with wireless telephones."

"Gertrude and five others were given the phones to test out for a week. She is talking to one of the scientists holding another wireless phone who is off to her right as she walks by."

Wireless phones in the 1930s? Really?

Answering YouTube critics who questioned why such an amazing device received so little notice for several decades, Planetcheck blamed the factory owners:

"Maybe they decided it was too far advanced and they abandoned the idea … maybe they didn’t work well. Ideas are hatched, prototypes are made."

"Sometimes, like this phone, they are forgotten until somebody discovers some long lost film of the world first wireless phone and marvels at it."

You buying it? Or is she … dun dun dun

A Time Traveler?!?