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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 started out low down and dirty but ended on a surprising high note. Relive the egos, shadiness, and shocking reconciliations in THG’s +/- recap!

So why did NeNe Leakes seem so rational this season? She says that in the past she hated having to watch her own craziness on camera week in and week out so now she tries to stay neutral.  Plus 30.  She may not always pull it off but I applaud the initiative.

NeNe claims that last season the other ladies were spreading lies and gossip about her that hurt her relationship with Gregg… ilke Phaedra Parks pulling Marlo into the mix.  

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Supposedly Phaedra urged Marlo to come on the show in the hopes of stirring up trouble with the whole Charles Grant rumor.  Minus 18 if it’s true, that’s just low.  


Phaedra swears she hadn’t heard the rumors about Marlo, NeNe, and Charles Grant until after Marlo joined the show. NeNe calls bullsh*t! I have to agree.

All of it sparks a ridiculous exchange between Kenya Moore and Phaedra who probably couldn’t produce on fully functional brain if they put both of theirs together.

Kenya yells out, “Phaedra’s the queen of low down and dirty.” To which Phaedra replies, “Honey, you don’t know me from Adam’s house cat. You’re just an obsessed fan.”

Minus 15. Can someone please make them stop?

Apparently not before Phaedra claims that Kenya can’t even get an interview in the media if she doesn’t promise to talk about Phaedra.  Wow!  Someone’s got an ego bigger than all of Georgia.

As NeNe said earlier in the season, Phaedra does a lot of things shady and undercover, even going to family to dig up dirt.  According to NeNe, back in season one Phaedra contacted her half sisters to dish on NeNe.  Minus 22.  Obviously NeNe’s still ticked.

But really she should just ignore Ms. Phaedra. NeNe’s living her dream. Why get bogged down in this old drama?

Plus 28 to Andy Cohen when he asks Phaedra if one of the risks of having a donkey booty is butt dialing.

Then the wig makes her grand entrance…only sans wig.  Kim Zolciak returns to set the record straight and wearing her natural hair.  Andy’s so shocked he has to touch it. Plus 11

Kim’s hair looks great.  It makes me wonder why she chooses to wear wigs.

As Kim takes the stage Kandi and Phaedra look like they could spit.

Suddenly we’re back to arguing over Kim’s long list of serial excuses.  Minus 17. That was boring the first time around.

Yeah, Kim took it too far but she was recently married, had a new baby, another on the way, two growing girls, and lost her home.  That’s a lot on anyone’s plate, even someone with a full time assistant and a nanny…or two.

In the end, let’s face it. Kim didn’t want to be here anymore. She got the man and the family she wanted and ditched these crazy ladies from Atlanta. I can’t really blame her.

Kandi’s the toughest on her but that’s usually the way it works. There’s nothing nastier than a former friend. Minus 10.

But they both agree that neither of them are great at communicating and they left a lot of loose ends when it came to business.  Any chance they’ll work things out and somehow drop this lawsuit?

And enough about baby names already. Kim has an actual baby and she named him Kash.  Since Kandi isn’t even pregnant, I think it’s time to let it go. 

The biggest surprise of the night was Kim and NeNe. They were downright civil.  Plus 13.

Although they both admit to being in two different places in their lives, Kim says NeNe knows her better than anyone.  That they were friends before this show started back when they were just living their lives. They might make one another mad as hell but there will always be an underlying respect. 

Damn. They even hugged.  I really didn’t see that coming.  Plus 21.  I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy.

I’m sure next week’s Reunion Part 3 will take care of that.