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Things T-Pain likes: Big ass chains, outrageous hats, tattoos auto-tune.

Things T-Pain doesn’t care for: Homophobic morons on social media.

The rapper/singer made a statement to that effect on Twitter this week, calling out people for anti-gay sentiments in an apparent defense of his assistant.

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“Attention homophobic idiots: if you’re not attractive to straight women, you’re probably not attractive to gay men. You can unclench now,” T-Pain wrote.


According to E! News, the star is believed to have written that after his assistant has been bullied online and getting “negative looks” from people.

“Just see a lot of ppl lookin at my assistant like ‘oh no better not go that way. That guy wants my butt’ don’t be an idiot. Ur still fugly,” T-Pain added.

And that’s that.