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Shae Bradley may have beef with Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans, but she’s paying tribute to Farrah Abraham with her very own “trailer park” sex tape.

Buckwild star Shae and her on-again-off-again boyfriend Jesse J made a sex tape of their own, though they did this before the show went into production.

The producers knew about the tape going in, according to TMZ, and were cool about it, but told Shae and Jesse to please keep their mouths shut.

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Now that MTV canceled Buckwild, it’s being shopped around.

Unlike the Farrah Abraham porn, it’s unclear if Shae and Jesse are behind the possible sale of the video, or frankly if they even want it to go public.


Shae Bradley says, “Yes there is a sex tape and I regret making it with someone who I obviously couldn’t trust and is looking to exploit the relationship we had.”

A little money could help soften the pain really fast, we’re guessing.

As for the sex tape itself, they hit it “trailer park style,” i.e. nothing fancy, just straight up, all business down and dirty bumping of you-know-whats.

Shae Bradley doesn’t even take her shirt off during the fornication.

You buying?