PSY to Unveil New Single Saturday on YouTube ... Live!

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PSY will probably never top 2012's "Gangnam Style" as long as he lives, but he certainly knows how to get his new single the most exposure he can.

The Korean rapper/K-pop entertainer’s dance tune - maybe you heard it - has garnered over 2 billion views on YouTube, the most of any video. Ever.

So what better place to debut his follow-up?


He plans to introduce his new tune, "Gentleman," via a live, streamed concert from Seoul's World Cup Stadium that will begin 5:30 a.m. EDT Saturday.

Will it be any good? We'll have to find out!

In any case, even If PSY's career ended next week, he would at least have one of the top hits of all time, and have left his mark on the way we hear music.

Media experts say "Gangnam Style" had profound long-term implications for traditional media ecosystems given YouTube's ability to attract people ages 12-18.

Males ages 18-24 in particular were drawn to his catchy song, and advertisers say this is among the most challenging demos to reach in this era.

Time will tell if he can help them do it again.

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