Lindsay Lohan "Went Ape S--t" on Gavin Doyle During Wild Night of Clubbing, Report Claims

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Lindsay Lohan has a lot on her plate these days.

After her tear-and-sometimes-fun filled interview with David Letterman Tuesday, it was time for her to unwind ... and let loose on former assistant Gavin Doyle.

LiLo on Letterman

The N.Y. Daily News claims she was at her hard-partying, tantrum-throwing, glass-tossing best at club 1Oak hours after her chat with Dave, and it got ugly.

While Lindsay was relatively composed and even funny on TV, she "went ballistic at the club" when Gavin Doyle decided to come over to say hello.

“He tried to come over to her and say hi. She was at another table and she went ape s—,” according to a source. “He attempted to approach the table."

Displeased with him because of his role in her lying-to-cops case, "She started throwing stuff. She was throwing glasses and freaking out, yelling.”

Why the alleged bad blood between the star and Doyle?

Doyle was reportedly willing to cooperate with L.A. police in a case against LiLo last month that led to the plea deal that will land her in rehab May 2.

Lindsay said Gavin, not her, was driving the car she wrecked on the Pacific Coast Highway. Police found out that was a lie and prosecuted her hard.

Lohan and Doyle have had other blowouts in the past, including last fall at Club Catch when she reportedly tried to strangle Doyle with his own scarf.

Bizarre as always. Yet totally easy to picture with LiLo.

UPDATE: A source close to Lindsay denies this, says the duo are "BFFs and in constant communication," and are even going to Coachella together this weekend.

So, there you have your conflicting reports.

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