Lindsay Lohan Pregnant? World Scoffs at Late Night Tweet

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Lindsay Lohan Tweeted that she's pregnant ... late night on April 1. If nothing else, this made her the center of the Twitter comedy universe for a few hours.

"Its official. Pregnant..." said LiLo's three simple words, one of them presumably missing an intended apostrophe, around 10:30 p.m. PDT Monday.

Some of our favorite reactions to her pregnancy Tweet?

Coke Does a Body Not So Good
  • Actually took a lot longer than I expected.
  • At least now she'll have somebody to drink with!
  • Lindsay Lohan tweeting she's pregnant isn't funny. Ruining a child's life is no joke.
  • Lindsay Lohan just tweeted she's pregnant. Sad when even your April fools jokes need to go to rehab.
  • Lolz but seriously that would be like the low budget sequel to Kimye's baby.
  • If Lindsay Lohan really is pregnant, who wants to start making bets that it’s Charlie Sheen’s baby?
  • Wow some poor guy was really that desperate?
  • Thank goodness for Planned Parenthood.
  • Lindsay Lohan is pregnant?! so was it from one of her fellow inmates or one of her dealers... or does she even know at this point?
  • I didn't know you can get preggo from scissoring.
  • Congratulations! It can be a beautiful chapter in your life if you're ready for it! (some people apparently fall for April Fools jokes still)

Why the collective LOLing from the Twitterverse? Consider the source.

The 26-year-old actress has spent 250 days in five rehab facilities since January 2007, including one long court-ordered stint after a failed drug test.

She has appeared in court at least 21 times and judges have found her in violation of probation six times, sentencing her to a total of nine months in jail.

Lohan has been getting it in lately - she's dating Avi Snow, a guitarist - but given the timing of the Tweet, and the fact that she's an absolute mess ...

It's easy to see how people jumped all over her belated April Fools joke. Just saying. Snow, for his part, Tweeted about his band's tour stop in Missouri.

Anyway, good one Linds. Well played. Not really.

Perhaps this kind of hilarious reaction should be the eye-opening experience she needs to finally admit she needs help ... oh who are we kidding people.

The girl waits until after it's already April 2 on the East Coast to pull an April Fools prank. Probably took her that long to sober up after a Sunday bender.

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