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This week’s episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami saw Kim earn her place on a Worst Dressed list, which caused her to worry about her rep and Kanye’s.

Meanwhile, Scott wanted new shoes so he naturally decided to hunt a gator.

It’s Florida, after all. So come along, y’all, for THG’s official +/- KKTM recap!

Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant By Travis?

Ah Kim Kardashian. Even though her fashion is pretty dreadful, watching her break down as she lands on the Worst Dressed list is the most genuine she’s ever been.

Reality TV, for once? Plus 70.

Kim worries about how her man will respond, as people will assume fashion-conscious Ye had a role in how she looks. This is pretty stupid logic. Minus 30.


Kourtney: “You guys are too superficial a couple.” Thank you. Plus 20.

Even more ridiculous? She decides to go on a shopping spree to try to get back on the “best dressed” side of the Internet fashion-watching public.

“Shopping online is like the greatest invention of life,” observes Kim, discovering the web for the first time at age 32. Minus 40. Get Amazon Prime.

In doing so, she actually risks not being able to afford her dream home. At some point, even rich people can spend too much on clothes. Minus 170.

And her fashion sense is pretty terrible. Minus 30 again.

Later, Kim must admit to Kourtney that her older sister was right all along about keeping her spending in check. Better late than never. Plus 50.

Speaking of Kourtney K., she was fretting about an upcoming photo shoot, thinking that she hadn’t lost enough of the baby weight to look good.

“My stomach is flabby,” she whines, apparently unaware that Kourtney Kardashian bikini photos look hot, and would get airbrushed anyway.

Minus 60 for whining, Plus 60 for the pics.

After Kim suggests a good spray tan, Kourtney is concerned about the chemicals. She is “judgy-wudgy,” as she later puts it, earning Minus 40.

But Plus 80 for actually being anti-tan.

Finally, in the Scott Disick Contrived Comic Relief Storylines arena, Lord D decides to take up legal gator hunting because he needs some new shoes.

Plus 100 for Scott’s genuine entertainment value, but Minus 200 for anyone who thinks this is the slightest bit real or spontaneous on his part.

Even funnier? He goes with the family of Vienna Girardi. Yes, that Vienna Girardi of The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad fame. What a moment for reality TV.

Plus 120 because she actually won the show.

Scott kills, skins and eats the gator, but he pretends to have nightmares about animals chasing him and feel guilty while visiting a zoo later on.

“You can’t go around shooting animals because you want shoes that day,” he admits, even if “This is normal for these people.” Eh, call it a Wash.

“If my girlfriend knew how to skin me, I’d be sleeping with a sawed-off shotgun.” – Scott, in the quote of the night. Well, if he were ever around. Minus 20.