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Yet another tabloid is reporting that Kim Kardashian is fat.

But this one claims to have exposed the reason why.

According to In Touch Weekly, Kardashian has already ballooned to 205 pounds – but there’s supposedly a method behind her binge-eating madness:

The more she puts on now, the more she can take off later… and the more money she’ll bank as a result!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
Photo via Getty Images

“She knows what she’s doing by showing off her heavier figure and stuffing her face in public,” alleges a source. “The more she looks heavy and out of control with her eating, the more she will be worth.”

Another insider says he/she would not “put it past” Kim “to blow up just so her weight loss is more dramatic” when she inevitably signs a deal with some diet company.

Would we be surprised by anything this reality star does in the name of money? No.

She got it on with Ray J and married Kris Humphries just to pad her bank account.

But purposesly gaining a ton of weight? Just to ensure she loses even more and can sign a lucrative contract with some magazine/supplement going forward?!?

Okay, nevermind. We totally buy that possibility.