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Kim Kardashian is ready to take down Kris Humphries.

With the divorce trial between these two idiots FINALLY set for May 6, TMZ has uncovered the list of witnesses Kim plans to call on her behalf.

And each will testify, in what way or another, that Humphries was actively involved in the signing of the exact prenuptial agreement from which he’s now trying to extricate himself.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
Photo via Getty Images

Look for two managers, one attorney and a court reporter to all confirm that Kris was as interested in the business aspects of his marriage as the attention-starved pair of breasts he wed.

They witnessed the two discuss and argue over various aspect of the prenup.

Humphries, of course, has somehow contended that he was duped into a fraudulent union.

Leaked documents do apparently prove that Kardashian faked many of the scenes from her reality show, asking Kris to propose a second time, for example, after she was dissatisfied with the first version.

But no one can quite explain how this doesn’t simply prove Humphries was in on the farce all along.