Justin Bieber: Banned from Vienna Club After Entourage Melee

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You didn't think a day would go by without controversy surrounding Justin Bieber, did you?

With battery charges against the singer likely headed for prosecution, The Austrian Times now reports that Bieber has been banned from that city's most popular nightclub after his entourage pretty much destroyed it.

Justin Bieber, Mouth Open

On the scene at Passage last night, Bieber's bodyguards reportedly smashed cameras of adoring fans, tossed away cell phones in their faces and - according to management - even groped a few of the young girls in attendance, reducing them to tears.

Said the club's manager: "Justin Bieber is no longer welcome here."

If this report is true, it's merely the latest in an ongoing string of ugly incidents for Bieber while he tours Europe.

There was the collapse on stage in London. The curse-laden showdown with a British photographer. The donning of gas masks in public. The rare wearing of a shirt while walking through streets and airports.

Aware of the negative publicity, Bieber recently said he's a good guy who wants to be a role model and is just having fun. But the more these stories pile up, the more it must be asked:

Is Justin Bieber having too much fun?


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