Matt Lauer: Too Soft on Chris Brown?

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Matt Lauer can't win these days.

The Today host is taking heat for his interview with Chris Brown, with some viewers saying he was too tough and others saying he wasn't tough enough.

Chris Brown and Matt Lauer

Some Chris Brown fans are angry that he even brought up the 2009 beating of Rihanna, and whether or not he'll do that again (Chris says he absolutely won't).

Brown’s detractors, meanwhile, believe that Lauer danced around the seriousness of the brutal attack by not referring to it directly or for long enough.

Lauer asked Chris about “the incident in 2009″ as well as what he thought of the “cynics” who believe Brown’s abusive ways are not behind him.

“So the cynics / skeptics are the ones not forgiving Chris Brown for BEATING THE S**T OUR OF HIS GIRL? Okay, cool Matt Lauer," Tweeted one viewer.

Wrote another: "Matt lauer: 'Chris Brown was charged with a felony in 2009.' Quite a way to say someone beat the shit out of his girlfriend. #journalism.”

Another: “F the @todayshow for having @chrisbrown an admitted abuser of women on. Disgusting. You couldn’t find anyone else on the show? Shame.”

On the flip side, some die-hard Brown fans (collectively Team Breezy) took Lauer to task for even bringing up the Rihanna beating in the first place.

Among their comments:

  • "Matt Lauer was getting annoying!!!! Interview was more about him and @rihanna then it was about his music! leave him alone!" #teambreezy
  • "typical!!!! stop talking about what happened in 2009!!!”
  • “People are so damn nosey. I just wanted to hear @chrisbrown’s new single but these guys they keeps talking bout some bullsh*t.”

What do you think? Was Matt too harsh? Too soft? Or just right? Check out the interview above, then vote in our survey below and tell us ...

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